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    Besant Nagar, Chennai.
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Have you ever played Futsal in NASSAA UTH HUB? If you have, then you might already be a fan. I mean, it’s one of the fastest-growing indoor sports in the world that appeals to both young and old.

If you have tried it yet, then you definitely should. Not only will you get to try out something new, but you will surely have loads of fun while at it.

However, just like in any other sport or game, if you are going to try futsal, it always pays to have a good understanding of the sport, beforehand. This means knowing a bit about its history and how it came to be, how to play it and also learning the rules and regulations.

Its better way to enjoy the wafting breeze of Besant Nagar beach than to explore our rooftop Futsal court? Each team consists of 5 players including a goal keeper and will play an intense match lasting approximately an hour. For the safety of the players, the length of the grass is a regulation 20 mm imported from China.

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